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Did you know if you put all 300,000+ Alumni from the University of South Florida in one place, you'd have a community that would be one of the 75 largest cities in the U.S.? You might be surprised to learn how many Bulls live in your own neighborhood!  Participating in an alumni group is an excellent way to:
  • Stay connected to USF
  • Give back to your local community
  • Network with fellow Bulls in your area or who share your interests
  • Support the Alumni Association

Types of Groups

Chapter:  A chapter is a geographic-based group located in areas with 1,000 or more alumni. Chapters host regular meetings, diverse events and have an organized leadership team.

Society:  A society is an interest-based group, representing 1,000 or more alumni, who share academic, social, cultural or other interests. They further the mission of the Alumni Association and often support the mission and vision of a college or academic program.

Network:  Networks can be geographic- or interest-based groups. They are similar to chapters and societies but are less formally organized and represent fewer than 1,000 alumni.

International ContactThis contact is an alumnus residing abroad who serves as the primary contact for the Alumni Association in their country, assists other alumni interested in re-locating or visiting the country, and may represent the university at local events.

Project Group Evolution

Project group evolution is a multi-year plan to restructure the relationship between alumni groups and the USF Alumni Association to focus on the University’s key alumni markets. The primary changes include a clearer framework for alumni group activities and well-defined support and vision as it relates to the Alumni Association’s mission.  Visit the project group evolution program page for more information about this initiative.

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