Marketing and Communication

Marketing and communication are some of the most important elements, if not the most important elements, in creating and maintaining an active and successful alumni group. There’s no question that alumni who are well-informed are more likely to participate and become engaged.

These resources will help you craft your message, reach alumni and promote your group:

  1.  Email Tool Video/Instructions

  2.  Email Communications Best Practices

  • Website Training Materials:
  1. How to edit web page content (pdf)

  2. How to post a news item (video)

  3.  How to post an event to the Alumni website calendar (pdf)

  4. How to use an Image Rotator (pdf)
  • Facebook Tutorial YouTube Channel
    • Use this resource for helpful how to videos on topics like: adding a friend to a group, creating a group, seeing every post in a group, trending stories, notifications, creating events, saving items and more.
  • Nametag Order Information
    Alumni volunteers and leaders can purchase an official nametag at their own expense from Mark Master Inc. Nametags are gold and feature the USF Alumni Association logo. Volunteers will be able to add their full name, alumni group and position to the name tag. To order your nametag visit  The alumni design can be accessed with the code 974616.  

  • Business Card Order Form




  USFAA Brand and Key Messages



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