Starting a Group

Thank you for your interest in starting an alumni group! Alumni groups are largely driven by volunteers, and we appreciate the dedicated alumni who commit to making our groups a success.

If you are considering starting a group, the first step is to look to see if a group already exists for your area or interest by clicking here. If no group exists, the following steps outline the general procedure for getting started. The process may vary depending on your area or interest, but this will give you a basic idea of what is involved.

Quick Guide to Starting a Group

1. Review the set of expectations for different types of groups and information about USFAA support that is provided by the Alumni Association.

2. Contact the USF Alumni Association at to express your interest in forming or reorganizing an alumni group. An Alumni Association staff member will contact you to discuss the feasibility of starting a group, goals, and the process to get started.

3. An alumni staff member will assist you in sending out an email to gauge interest in the group and to identify other alumni who are interested in volunteering. The Alumni Association will also refer interested alumni to you.

4. When you’ve identified other alumni volunteers, work together with your alumni staff member to set a date, time and convenient location for an initial kick-off event.

5. Set an agenda for the event. The primary goals of an initial meeting should be both fun and practical: to meet one another; discuss ideas for future activities; and to appoint volunteers for specific responsibilities.

6. Work with your alumni staff member to create and send an e-mail invitation to the event. Collect rsvps and work with the venue to make sure they are informed about the expected number of attendees.

7. Hold the event. Have a sign-in sheet where you can collect contact information of attendees.

8. Complete a post-event report. If you appointed alumni to hold specific volunteer positions, you should also complete the volunteer leader update form.

9. Work with your fellow volunteers and your alumni staff member to begin planning events and activities for your members! For a list of event ideas, click here.

10. Learn about our Groups Recognition Program (pdf)

Confidentiality Form (pdf)

Groups Recognition Program (pdf)

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