USF Ambassadors


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USF Ambassadors is an organization for those who love USF and exemplify what it means to be a Bull. Created in 1979, it is sponsored by the USF Alumni Association.

USF Ambassadors serve as a link between the current student body and alumni. Ambassadors are students leaders who are involved on campus, excel academically, are committed, disciplined, strive for excellence, and most of all, love to be a USF Bull.

Ambassadors work a variety of events on and off of campus. We work closely with the President's office and assist in many of the functions, including alumni tailgates at home and away football games, commencements, functions held by various colleges within the USF campus and greeting dignitaries.

Ambassadors are also involved in many on campus activities such as Homecoming, service events and social events. We are a tight knit group establishing connections that last a lifetime.



As students, we became a part of the premier organization at the University of South Florida. We loved USF and exemplified what it meant to be a Bull.

We were a tight knit group as USF students. Now it is time to be a tight knit group as USF Alumni by reconnecting with each other and the USF Alumni Association for a lifetime.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Ambassador Alumni Society, please contact Alumni Staff Member LaToya Wider at or 813-974-1877. "Once an Ambassador, Always an Ambassador"