Our Mission

The USF Alumni Association enriches the lives of alumni and students through meaningful connections, shared experience, and continued engagement in the life of the university. Embracing our history and traditions, we foster pride, belonging, and community among alumni to ensure a bright future for USF.

USF Alumni Association Strategic Plan 2024-2027

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Priority One

Build and Celebrate Tradition, Culture and Pride

Goal 1:  Increase Visibility and Awareness of the USF Alumni Association  

Objective 1: Conduct a communications audit to evaluate and optimize USF’s communications
channel mix so that it can more effectively reach more alumni.

Objective 2: Establish key messaging and curated visual imagery that tells the story of the USF alumni experience and launch a marketing campaign to promote the USFAA to alumni, students and the USF community. 

Objective 3: Enhance the USFAA brand within the alumni engagement profession. 

Goal 2:  Champion the Interests of USF: Promote, Protect, and Preserve

Objective 1: Collaborate with USF Government Relations to establish and grow a network of alumni advocates who support, articulate and amplify USF interests. 

Objective 2: Collaborate with Admissions to generate more interest in USF amongst prospective students and their families. 

Goal 3:  Collaborate with Athletics to Facilitate Compelling Experiences at USF Athletics Programs

Objective 1: Leverage the opening of the new on-campus stadium to create new traditions and game experiences for alumni at football games. 

Objective 2: Work with Athletics to identify, build, and promote alumni activities around key athletic games and initiatives. 

Priority Two


Evolve and Enhance the Relevance of the USF Alumni Association with Key Stakeholder Audiences

Goal 1:  Engage Alumni and Students through Purposeful Activities and Meaningful Involvement Opportunities

Objective 1: Identify key alumni lifecycle stages and develop targeted programs for each stage.  

Objective 2: Leverage alumni expertise and resources to create opportunities for personal and professional connections, including those outside the Tampa Bay area. 

Objective 3: Increase the number and diversity of alumni and students who participate in USFAA activities. 

Objective 4: Elevate the role of the Student Alumni Association and USF LINK mentorship platform in providing opportunities for students and alumni to connect.

Goal 2:  Amplify Alumni Engagement Opportunities Throughout the USF Community

Objective 1: Aggregate and promote opportunities for alumni connection and participation. (See “Measurements” below)

Objective 2: Develop and maintain a list of alumni speakers and their area(s) of expertise. (See “Measurements” below​​​​​​​​​​​​​​)

Objective 3: Develop, maintain, and promote a database that connects alumni to volunteer opportunities available through USFAA.

Priority Three v2-min.png


Drive Inclusive Excellence and Sense of Belonging

Goal 1:  Create Opportunities for Alumni to Share their USF Experiences and Perspectives

Objective 1: Solicit feedback from alumni and students and incorporate it into key decisions.

Objective 2: Highlight and promote the stories and success of alumni from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Objective 3: Expand interpersonal connections through meaningful interactions between alumni and USFAA staff.

Goal 2:  Be Reflective of the Alumni Population in our Programming and Leadership

Objective 1: Continue to create a welcoming atmosphere and suite of programs that generate participation that reflects USF’s alumni and student populations.

Objective 2: Continue to develop a representative volunteer leadership structure. 

Goal 3:  Support the Growth and Relevance of Alumni Societies

Objective: Increase participation in cultural and interest-based alumni society programs.   

Priority Four


Ensure the Health of the USF Alumni Association

Goal 1:  Develop and Utilize Engagement Metrics to Drive Decision-Making

Objective 1: Identify a set of alumni engagement performance metrics and evaluation criteria. (See “Measurements” below)

Objective 2: Create an alumni performance dashboard to monitor USFAA metrics that help inform the selection of future activities. (See “Measurements” below​​​​​​​)

​​​​​​​Objective 3: Incorporate alumni engagement metrics, survey responses and focus group feedback to inform and refine USFAA strategies.

Goal 2:  Continue Financial Stability and Growth

Objective 1: Increase the number of USFAA Life Members.

Objective 2: Pursue new revenue streams for the USFAA.

Objective 3: Continue to reach annual financial performance goals.

Goal 3:  Cultivate Active, Engaged and Accountable Volunteers

Objective 1: Expand and diversify the number, type, and duration of volunteer opportunities available to alumni and students.   

Objective 2: Establish a volunteer pipeline that effectively recruits, trains, prepares and transitions USF alumni volunteers.

Objective 3: Create success criteria and evaluation rubrics for key volunteer roles.

Objective 4: Create a volunteer recognition program to express gratitude for alumni and student service.